What do YOU wanna do?

Ya know that desire? That dream in life? That thing that if someone gave you an exact roadmap on how to reach that destination, you’d follow it to a T?

What is it? What came to your mind?

“You know all of those things you’ve always wanted to do? YOU SHOULD GO DO THEM”

Lucky for you – what you want to do is possible. It’s not crazy, its not a ridiculous thing that you can’t achieve. Who do you think put that desire on your heart? GOD! And he gave you EVERY TOOL needed to achieve it. How flippin’ awesome is that. And it’s up to you to start making some plans and doing the dang thing YOU GOT THIS!!!

Best way to start?? 5 must do things to set those desires on FIREEEE <3

1. OWN THAT YOU GOT SOME KICKASS IDEAS –  You got a hella great gift and passion and you gotta  share it with the world.

So easy to think you’re not good enough, to compare, to fear judgement – but F it all. Because when you’re 80 and you look back on your life you’re gonna see all those things you worried about didnt matter and you’ll be pretty sad that you left a talent that God gave to you go unused.

You’re the only one like YOU and the world needs to hear your ideas. Use your voice and say what you feel compelled to say, you’re doing a disservice by keeping it all locked up; share you!

2. GET OUT OF COMFY – going after something can be really scary, hard, daunting, easy to give up on… but it costs a lot because the end result can be really amazing, and big, and wonderful! You get what ya pay for 😉

Do something small, EVERY DAY, that is out of your comfort zone ( just for practice) Get so good at putting yourself out there, that you’ll start becoming better and better at it, that soon you reaching your goals wont seem as daunting. Do the dam thing!! Have 20 seconds of insane courage to do something that makes you the BEST YOU.

Inch of action better than mile of intent

3. BREAK IT DOWNNNN , break your goal down into bite size pieces (think of reeses minis- easy to eat, and after you have one.. you just want more! This should be the feels of your goals 😉 ) But how can you even if your goal seems monstrous? (this also applies to small short term goals) but REVERSE ENGINEER BABY!

What am I talking about? Reverse engineer by thinking “okay where do I ultimately want to end up?!” AND THEN work backwards to where you are today #zingerrrr

For example- how I started this blog  

SMART goals

          Specific – what do I want to accomplish

          A positive motivational personal blog that I can use as a creative outlet to hold myself and others accountable. A way to spread some love around the world 🙂 This is for me and anyone else who might be seeking some inspo/wants a fire lit under their a$$ for motivation

          Measurable – how will I know its accomplished?

  1. When the blog is live and post is posted

         Actions – what actions are you going to take

  1. I am going to go out of my comfort zone and post every other week
  2. I will write posts about ideas that inspire me or things that really got my wheels turning. #drivingthoughts #showerthoughts #ahamoments
  3. I will keep learning as much as I can!!! Especially through Blogs, linkedin, podcasts, books – Gimme it all

         Relevant – are the above going to attribute to success?

By sticking to this action plan, I will feel more fulfilled in daily life by doing things I love that bring out my creativity 🙂

        Time bound – what’s my time line

  1. Post every other week (to start) This is “homework” that I enjoy
  2. Launch blog by Thanksgiving (better get crackin’)

Creating a road map of what I was going to do made achieving my goal seem more “bite sized”  and tackling it was about as addicting as reeses minis. By having Smart goals and sections planned out, I compared what I was doing and made sure it aligned with where I wanted to be – if it did, yippy ki yay cowboy! If it did not- smell ya later.

  • LEARN MORE – so you have your passion, you own your ideas… but what’s next? Pretty much become an expert in that area. There is SoOoOoO MUCH info about EVERYTHING in this world that is FREE. If you want to pursue something, then don’t be lukewarm about it – go at it blazing and keep learning. If it’s your passion… this should be “fun work” and not a chore.

I listen to podcasts all zee dam time, read quotes on Pinterest like it’s nearly my job, read articles on LinkedIn that inspire and motivate me to be better, I’ve also been picking up and reading my book EVERY morning now. And now, I’m blogging, to create posts from compiling these random tidbits that I’ve learned from doing things that made me happy.

Whatever your passion is, keep in mind that you learning not only helps you BUT OTHERS!

Maybe someone can’t do all of the things that I do that interest me – but they want motivation, they want positivity.. then maybe this blog can be a one stop shop for them HOLLAAA

Learn for you and learn to help others in best way possibleeeeee 😊

  • Have your support!! Find that person/set of personal cheerleaders (gooo TEAM!)  who holds you accountable to be best version of you and does not let you get sloppy on your goals. keep those who motivate you close by 😊

We can easily slack on ourselves, but the right peeps better not let ya. Only those you love and trust opinions matter because no matter what, they have your best interest at heart!! (ultimately- you call the shots though (party police – that shot you call better be one that puts you out of your comfort zone and brings you closer to your goals tho) We aren’t what we eat – chicken. 🙂 )

Also – these cheerleaders are there to help ya 4get da h8rs and to keep in mind If no one hates it, then no one loves it, and that makes it mediocre – and thats bleh. We dont settle for mediocre, we do our best and our best is always kicka$$.

So do it,  follow that desire God put on your heart, he gave you ALLLL of the tools to do what you’d love to do! (and bonus – you have these 5 tips to chase down where you wanna be).

Someday isn’t one of the 7 of the week – so “Mae We All”… start NOW in crafting your roadmap, because you know exactly where you want to go and YOU CAN do it.

Published by Mae We All

I like Olivia Pope's drive, Phoebe's spirit, and Old Dominion Lyrics. Pinterest Junkie, my Marketing major helps me view situations in an optimistic and positive light (blessing & curse) I'm just here embracing the uncertainty and trusting God's plan. I know everything happens for a reason and until then I will always search for that silver lining. So, Mae we all... become inspired a little more each day to choose happiness (and the largest cup of coffee available ;) )

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