It’s Fine, I’m Fine – It’s Actually Not Fine..

Last month I had a FIASCO that made me feel like that meme of the dog sitting in fire looking around thinking “It’s fine, everything’s fine”

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I may be dramatic with this, but I think any girl in my shoes would have also FLIPPED so much that you’d think they were competing in Tokyo 2020.

*Then bc ya gurl couldn’t catch a break. As soooon as she was going to post this a month ago, her computer screen broke and she was computerless for a v long time <3 🙂 BUT WE BACK*

So there I was, I went to get my haircut and colored at at a new salon near where I live now.. I was full of hope and excitement because it had great reviews and wow i just KNEW i was going to have an EXPERIENCE

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 7.36.05 pm

….although what was to come… Cue *dun dun dunnnnnnnn*

I’m sitting in the chair, happy as clams, told the stylist what i was after here- just a simple  light brown color and a trim.

Well well well, what do ya know, 45 minutes later i was a redhead with 3 inches chopped off. WHAT IN THE BLAZIN TARNATION JUST HAPPENED

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BADLY I WANTED TO CONTROL+Z/FIND A REAL LIFE UNDO BUTTON (i blame technology for this being my first course of action.. Bc it is sadly one that does not exist in real life)

At first I thought maybe I was being dramatic when i looked in the mirror, I decided to wait until I got home and saw a human I trusted (s/o Em) for her to validate or deny my alarmed feelings… or dare I say did I qualify to have a redhead temper at this moment?! (*ba dum tisss*)

When things were confirmed as CODE RED (the dad jokes are rolllin’) – I scrambled for a solution, called the salon and said “PLZ HELP I NEED YOU TO FIX THIS”.

They got me in right away the next day (TBH their customer service was fav) But to my surprise, to counter the red, it appears a nice dark chocolatey purple/black/red was the surprise solution (client error – i should have asked more questions about what was going on to try and prevent this from happening) BUT CMONNN’


Things had escalated quickly….SO QUICKLY it looked like I had an evil twin sister or that I was in the witness protection program because they turned my blonde hair to red then gave me near black/red/purple hair that was much shorter

So what’s a girl do when she wanted one color of hair and her plan ended up in BFE.

I in fact did not do all of these things, I in fact went berserk. Hindsight is 20/20 and the beauty of a long, lonely 6 hours of driving total for the weekend (to and from my hometown), is you got LOTS of time to reflect *bittersweet* *upside down smiley*

So I came up with these three little aha things to keep in mind the next time my plan decides to go off roadin’. Even if you don’t color your hair and risk this happening, I think these are things we can all keep in our back pocket 🙂

First thing to keep in mind – As Ross would say, “PIVOT”   

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 1.16.35 pm

Don’t stop reaching for your solution. Rachel’s black hair altered ego was not giving up

I kept pivoting in this moment by 1) going back the next day to have them fix it. I pivoted again when they redied x2 the next day To pivot from this (kept reaching for a solution here) I spoke with the owner about what was going on

She suggested I wait a week and then she will do it. Gut Check – my response, NO.  

I Knew I didn’t like it and that was going to delay me finding a solution for a WHOLE WEEK! I was not about to stop pivoting. Yes, you need to be patient when searching for a solution and not rush anything, but when a gut check tells you automatically yes or no– you listen and keep moving.

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 1.21.00 pm

Still pivoting hereee and I contacted Morgan, my stylist from home, and prayed to baby J she could get me in AND SHE DID!!! She gave me exactly what I wanted and needed and got rid of Rachel’s evil twin. *praise pivoting*

2nd thing to keep  in mind – Remember your problem is NOT everyone else’s problem (this is something I did NOT do  – yikes)

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 1.22.02 pm

Sorry to everyone that I came in contact with about my hair. It was such a fiasco (to me) that I could not get it out of my brain. So next time a disaster happens, I’ve learned we need to take time to reflect and accept what happened, talk about what’s on our mind to our trusted peers (if this is something that helps you), get their feedback, learn from it, and MOVE ON. A lot of times there are more important things and more problematic issues happening in the world and in other’s lives than what we consider a personal disaster. Dwelling on situations doesn’t make them better.. it only delays our progress of moving forward

*Justifying that it’s okay to write about it bc I learned from it, right?!*

3rd thing to keep in mind – Find some humor in it

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 3.29.54 pm

At the time this was definitely NOT funny, but now that it’s fixed I can laugh hella lots at it. Looking back, I wish I would have laughed more in the moment. And I wasted moments of my life being ticked and sad…. Note to future self: when something just seems like the end of the world, genuinely try find the positives and humor in it because  it’s all going to be okay!! *AYY*

And since it will be, Mae We All not stress too much when a fiasco happens, instead of going berserk…

  1. Pivot to never stop reaching for a solution
  2. Realize the world keeps moving on- Take the time to accept what happened, talk it out, learn from it and move on
  3. Find the humor in it/laugh about it/your future self will thank you that you didn’t waste time being sad because…

Bottom line: Life can really kick ya where the sun don’t shine. The second bottom line (that you have to remember to always write in yourself): every little thing will beee all right

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 1.28.12 pm

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I like Olivia Pope's drive, Phoebe's spirit, and Old Dominion Lyrics. Pinterest Junkie, my Marketing major helps me view situations in an optimistic and positive light (blessing & curse) I'm just here embracing the uncertainty and trusting God's plan. I know everything happens for a reason and until then I will always search for that silver lining. So, Mae we all... become inspired a little more each day to choose happiness (and the largest cup of coffee available ;) )

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