No Nov. – No Complaining

Taking advantage of this new month for a new challenge. Like the leaves and beautiful nature around us that is slowly dwindling away – I have some habits that I’d really like to do the same (expect come this Spring their a$$ better not rebloom).

So here we are, I asked myself, “What do I do that bugs me? What change do I think needs to happen in the world?”

BOOM got it – came so easily it’s a little alarming that it’s that big of problem (~*sweats*~)

What I think needs to happen is a change in our act of complaining. And not just the venting in general, but what we do AFTER we complain – which majority of the time is we DO NOTHING *soft smile bc busted*. Second BOOM hit me…Constant complaining without action to fix the problem is signing TF up to a daily subscription to unhappiness and annoyed selves. #SendThatToSpamPlz

This is what November is dedicated to – No complaining without action.  Future us will be glad we took action to fix this and trained our mind to find the silver lining as to how the situation can work in our favor

From daily things to big life events. Small complains like “I’m Cold”, to “I’m out of shape and I really need to start working out”, to complains like “this person is so frustrating”. Well what are we going to do about it. Say the same thing for the next few months on repeat orrr take action? Spoiler- answer is WE GOTTA BE PROACTIVE peeps. And you can totally do it –

Whyyyy should ya though? Welp, for starters – Show up for your OWN life and take CONTROL! One of my FAVORITE quotes that I use on the daily I learned from my sophomore year English Teacher “Be an Active Participant in Your Own Rescue” . So when a minor or major issue comes up, MAKE A MOVE and don’t bank on others saving you –

Fix the complaints of “I’m Cold” –  by either cranking the heat or MAS LAYERS.

Change your situation of “I’m out of shape and I really need to start working out” – to getting up and GO, get out of your own way and make the time.

Stop complaining that “this person is so frustrating” by making a point to either get to know why they might be acting this way to understand their situation, directly talking to them, or if all else calls don’t have them in your life. period.

Show up for you. Save yourself. And then carry on with your life holding your head mf high because you ~*got this*~

Why else do this??? For not only ourselves, but for those around us.

We all need to complain and get things off of our chest – amen Jesus to that. But when it comes time and time again like a broken record, it is EXHAUSTING for our loved ones to hear about it. Think about how it makes you feel when you hear complaints with no action.

– It’s hard to show continued sympathy for taking inaction

– It’s frustrating that that this friend keeps acting like a victim in their life

– It’s honestly exhausting for you to say the same dam thing to “Tiffany” for advice that you’ve said the past 10 times #WastingOurBreath? (CAN’T SAVE ‘EM IF THEY DON’T WANNA BE SAVEDDDDD is on repeat in your mind)

Take action for you, but also to have better relationships with your loved ones.

Use this brand new month to set a new habit for yourself and let an old one dieee. If you are complaining- make it second nature to come up with a game plan as to what you are going to do to fix it. ….. And plan B – If you can’t change the situation, then change your mindset. Find the silver lining and make your current situation work in your favor to bring you happiness.

If you need help sticking to it, have those closest to you who you typically complain to HOLD YOU TO IT.

These people should be so passionate and serious about your wellbeing, that they will NOT take it easy on you. (tough love can be best love)

They understand that we need to complain, but have them ask you “soooo… what are you going to do about it?” That’s the reminder we need others to tell us and that we need to tell ourselves (they will also love saying that rather than the same advice they’ve given/that you dismissed the past 10 times)

I’m excited come December to reflect on how I did with this challenge, the differences in my mindset and life, and to not let it die come 12/1.

So Mae We All yes, be human and complain but also to take action after we do so. Let’s be motivated and bold and active participants in our own rescue that we make a point to change the situations we are in both mentally and physically.

Happy November!! #14DaysTilTurkeyDay

Published by Mae We All

I like Olivia Pope's drive, Phoebe's spirit, and Old Dominion Lyrics. Pinterest Junkie, my Marketing major helps me view situations in an optimistic and positive light (blessing & curse) I'm just here embracing the uncertainty and trusting God's plan. I know everything happens for a reason and until then I will always search for that silver lining. So, Mae we all... become inspired a little more each day to choose happiness (and the largest cup of coffee available ;) )

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