Throw On Your Diva Glasses

I friggin love sunglasses, they are my weakness when I go into stores (next to candles and nail polish… oops). Sunglasses are theeee best to me because they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and MOOODSSSSSSS.

            Aviators – I got it going on

            Sporty – no monkey business

            Teeny tiny – I’m fashion forward AFFF

            Large square – these look nice on my face

            Bright colored/shapes/out there/unique – I am feelin $a$$y and I don’t care who knows it

No matter what pair you’re wearing they instantly introduce the vibes you are feeling. Being a sunglasses guru – I have about 8 pairs all for different occasions and VIBES. My favorite however are my “Diva” sunglasses.

I don’t wear these to be a diva… (okay being dramatic for s’s & g’s can be fun, you know it’s true) (there’s also a time and a place.. and that’s when you’re driving and drinking iced coffeeee !!! #myfavMOOD)

But I love these diva sunglasses of mine ( to paint a vision for ya -bright pink mirrored or  blue lenses snake print cat eye ones or black hearts ) I love them because they just add +120 to my confidence level, they make me feel like I can do just about anything I want. When I’m having a not so hot day, or just feeling bleh, meh and mediocre as all get out– I’ll throw those bad boys on and life instantly gets B-E-double T-E-R

So maybe your diva glasses are aviators or they are a spunky and fun pair! Or maybe your “diva glasses” aren’t even sunglasses but a pair of shoes or a certain song or your nails being freshly done!

Whatever it is – find that thing that YOU freakin’ love, that thing that fires you up,  find what puts a million ounces of confidence/pep in your step. Keep this not so secret weapon accessible to you at all times. ( Utilizing your Diva Glasses Pro Tip–  have a second in command. For example sunglasses are majority of the time only acceptable outside,  so I have about 5 nail polish colors in my purse because those are my second string “diva glasses” #benchwarmers )

It’s the little unique things that we each love that can make the difference in our moods n’ attitudes, take some time to identify what yours is and have it in your “tool belt” at all times. Mae We All throw on our DIVA GLASSESSS. To me, some funky fun sunglasses are the difference of me being UGHHH TO UHH HUHH HONEY!! LET’S DO THIS!!! #MOREICEDCOFFEEPLZ


Published by Mae We All

I like Olivia Pope's drive, Phoebe's spirit, and Old Dominion Lyrics. Pinterest Junkie, my Marketing major helps me view situations in an optimistic and positive light (blessing & curse) I'm just here embracing the uncertainty and trusting God's plan. I know everything happens for a reason and until then I will always search for that silver lining. So, Mae we all... become inspired a little more each day to choose happiness (and the largest cup of coffee available ;) )

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