2020 Spring/Summer Nail Polish Picks!!

One of my favorite ways to TREAT MYSELF is with a fresh bottle of polish. I like to think my nutrition and wallet thank me for this because it’s a helllaaa lot healthier alternative than eating a whole bowl of cookie dough or buying something way out of my budget, right?

I had so much DANG FUN researching the web, digging through my own personal nail polish collection, AND sampling the majority of the polishes (hey hi hello it’s me with 10 different colored nails righhnowww) during an ~essential grocery trip~ all to curate picks for the top spring and summer colors.

  • For starters though… The best offense is a good defense –
    • Best bang for your buck Top Coat – Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Topcoat
    • Color/Brand was determined by a combo of coverage factor x price. Now I’m sureeee Chanel gives a dam good nail polish, but that isn’t what I was working with here. I was working with Walmart and Target and trying to find polishes that were all pretty dang cost.effective. *clapping hand emojis lets go*.
    • PS – Trends we are also seeing for the year – bright and neon, think retro 80′! While simultaneously, we are seeing a lot of pastels.

Ready for the good stuff?!


multiply the blues brothers coolness level by 100 with these

Blue – Gotti
Not a professional pic (I snagged some when I was at the store as some of these colors are wayyy different online!) It’s a really pretty and striking royal blue!
You Do Blue
I am obsessed with this WHOLE Essie flying solo collection. It’s bomb


Heart Strings
This is a sassy and bright red!

If you pink I’m not going to be punny..

Girl Talk
I found this polish at Walmart for $1.98 !! With one test swipe on my nail it had pretty good coverage! With a clear top coat you’re GOLDEN
Never Ending
DISCLAIMER – in store, this is a neon coral. Someone call the Nail Polish companies because online pics aren’t helping
Not a professional pic… but this is more what the color looks like! A really bright pippin’ pink!

Be as unique as ORANGE‘s rhyming capability

Okay, this color is more of a neon light orange and is way pretty!!! It does dry matte so I would put a clear gloss topcoat overtop and you’re GOOD TO GO
Copacabana Girl
Neon coral orange IT IS SO FUN!!
Hail Cherry
Burnt orangey red!

Purple Rain alll the COLORS down!

Can’t find a link on Walmart’s site yet but found at Walmart πŸ™‚

Gimme The GREEN baby!

No Dandy-lion, these Yellows are CUTE

White On Time
Love me a classic white!!!
Shooting Star
Love using this one to spice up any color I’m wearing!

On your first outing back to Target when life starts up again (unless it’s an essential trip, I nearly think Target is!), take a gander down the Nail Polish Aisle and treat YOSELF with a new polish or two for the summer πŸ™‚

Let me know what colors are your fav or what one’s I missed!

I’m ALL for trying more! πŸ™‚

***Check out This article to help you determine which shades work for you.

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