Tassel Earrings

I LOVE fun earrings and I really, really LOVE when I can make them the exact colors I want while saving some $MULA$

With this quarantine inspiring all sorts of crafts, this is likely something you can make with items you already have. And if you can’t find your friendship making thread from 5th grade, I have links below to supplies that are a pretty good dealio.

How To Get Down to Business


  • Hoop Earrings – Link to the ones I used here
  • Embroidery Thread (didn’t have my 5th grade craft kit; so also ordered a fresh pack off the ‘zon here
  • Scissors

How To:

  • Take your thread and wrap it around two fingers to keep a consistent length of tassel
    • If you’d like them longer, you could also use a piece of cardboard as the consistent sized object you wrap around
    • I wrapped it around my finger about 6 times for my thickness; it’s all personal preference

  • Take your new loop off yourfingers and slide it onto your hoop earring
  • Cut an extra piece of thread and use that piece to tie around the base of your tassel to secure it on the earring
  • Pick up that scissors and snip the bottom of your loop to complete the tassel!
  • Repeat as many times needed to achieve your desired LOOK!

I whipped up this pair in about 10 Minutes and am SO EXCITED to experiement and make more to say the least!

Beads can be used, there are different styles of tassels to craft, even using some sparkly thread could be fun! The world is our oyster!!

I’ve saved some additional inspiration on my Pinterest board here πŸ™‚


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