Supporting’ Local Artists ERRWHERE

It’s always important to support those who have a God given ability to craft and create, but now especially is the time to seek them out!!

Here are 3 different categories from the US OF A BABY that had a few items I’d definitely buy myself! In fact, I did just order a few of these for gifts πŸ™‚ (Mother’s Day is approaching !!!)


  • As a lover of Astrology, how CUTE are these Constellation Necklaces?

This shop has a ton of super cute dainty items!

  • Your mother or a mother you know needs this, how beautiful!!

This shop has a ton of dainty stoned items!!!

  • Nothing says you were thinking of someone more than when you get it personalized. AH!! This name necklace (or you could get one that says “MAMA”. how flipping’ CUTE!

This shop offers all sorts of customization. Supe cute, supe suggest πŸ™‚

It’s the HAIR ACCESSORIESSSS (like bear necessities – get it?)

  • When you’re workin’ on your fitness, these no slip and adorable printed headbands ARE YOUR WITNESS

Just ordered this one (it is purpley pink and tye dye -MY VIBEEE!) AND the owner is from Minnesota!:) So many styles in this shop!


  • Dainty, adorable and stackable (if you want) jewelz!

Check out this shop simple goodness!

  • Customized rings and necklaces in allll different styles

This store is freakin’ cute and perfect for a mama πŸ™‚

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