DIY Floral Arrangement


Sadly these two loves don’t really go hand in hand *sigh*

So I controlled what I could control and made my ~love~ of flowers work for me this year – BOO YA!

I present to you…

 “How-To Create Porch Flowers That Won’t Die This Summer”

Supplies Needed:

  • Silk Flowers
  • A cute as heck pot that you’d like filled with beautiful blooms year round
  • Scissors (or wire cutters)
  • Tape (Floral Tape or simply duct tape)
  • Floral Foam
  • WD-40 (for extra floral protection)


  • I searched different floral arrangements on the web to gather some inspiration. The best part of this craft is that there is NO right or wrong way to arrange. So no reason to be nervous and ALL of the reasons to be excited about what you can whip up!!  It will look amazing by following this rule of thumb when picking out your greens –
    • Look for 3 different sizes and textures of flowers/greenery for your arrangement. You want a Thriller, Spiller and a Filler. As long as you have these 3 ingredients you are well on your way!
      • A “thriller” is a centerpiece plant with superstar quality, something big, bold, and beautiful (my peonies)
      • A “filler” is greenery or flowering plant that will complement but not overwhelm the main player (the small hibiscus-ey flowers to my pink peonies and yellow roses).
      • A “spiller” is just that, it can polk out from the floral up, down, and all around the plater to keep the eye engaged with the arrangement (My babies breath)
Silk Flowers
  • After you have your gorgeous florals, cut most of them apart. Fake flowers will look more like “real” flowers when they aren’t arranged perfectly. Cutting them apart gives them some character.
    • Note – I cut some apart and kept others together if I had a gut feeling they’d look best in the pot if they stayed connected (For example – a really bloomed Peony, a budding peony, and a piece of foliage)
  • I cut a piece of Floral Foam to fit inside my pot (can be found at any craft store, you can also obtain some floral foam, floral tape, and cutters here ) The floral foam acts as a base to stick the floral stems into to help avoid them blowing away
    • Note- it was tricky to get every flower stem in the foam so I got my main flowers in place and used tape to help hold the other florals in place
  • Before I shoved my starter flowers in the foam, I used tape to create a “Tic Tac Toe” board on the top. This acted as “bobby pins” of the flower arrangements as it kept flowers in place rather than them having a free for all in an open top.
  • Begin with your tallest THRILLER flower in the center of your arrangement. This beaut sets the stage and height. Then put a stem in the Styrofoam for each side to help determine the width.
  • Have a HAY DAY – throw the rest of your thrillers, spillers, and fillers in. You can’t mess up as it’ll look beautiful no matter what!
  • The final (and most glamorous step 😉 ) Lightly spray WD-40 on your new arrangement. No, not for the scent but to help repel rain!
  • MARVEL at your beautiful creation and tag me when you complete it! I’d love to see your completed masterpiece!!

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