How To Find The Best Sunglasses For Your Face


A few weeks ago, I shared 2020’s Top Nail Polish Color‘s and highlighted my obsession.. err passion, for the fluffy subject.

Well, sunglasses are also ya girl’s weakness.

I can’t resist a good sunglasses rack at Target or the BANGIN’ deals on Amazon for a fresh pair of shades. I personally don’t own a pair of “expensive” sunglasses nor do I think they are the best fit for me. So all of the pairs that I suggest below for each face shape will be cost efficient (while also being dupes of the nice brands 🙂 )

First thing’s first, defining that GORGEOUS FACE SHAPE of yours –

WHY? The goal is to find sunglasses that will bring a natural balance to your face. So by identifying that your face is round, you will want to find sunglasses that have more angles to “balance” each other out and provide some symmetry.

But really, you can wear whatever the HECK shape you feel best in – YOU DO YOU GIRL (This is just a guide 🙂 ) There are SO many cute ones out there so try whatever you like and makes you feel best!! Here’s a WHOLE bunch of beautiful sunglasses.

There are 5 main Categories you could fit into. It’s likely that you’re a combination of two, but you want to choose your more dominant one. The categories are –

  • Round 
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Heart
  • PearShaped

Here is some inspo of celebrities to help you get an idea of what we are looking for with “face shape”. Also check out this link for hair and makeup tips for your face shape –

Step 1) What is the widest point of your face?

  • Forehead: Is your forehead the widest part of your face? And does it taper to a more narrow jaw? You might have an inverted triangle or heart shaped face. Jump to step 2!
  • Cheekbones: Are you cheekbones the widest part of your face? You could have a round, oval or maybe a heart shape face. Jump to step 2 to seal the deal!  
  • Jaw: Is your jaw the widest part of your face? #BIGSMILE 🙂 It’s likely you have a pear shaped face.
  • All Equal: If you just can’t decide and your forehead, cheeks and jaw all seem equal, you probably have a square face or an oval face. Jump to step 2!

Step 2) What’s that Jaw look like?

  • If your jaw is Round: and the length of your face is similar to the width, CONGRATS! You can feel pretty confident you have a round face and are done with the assessment.
  • However, if you’re jaw is round but your face is longer than it is wide… then yahoo, you’re face is OVAL!
  • A hella strong jawline often times means you have a Square faceshape.
  • However, if your jaw tapers more towards the chin then it’s likely your face shape is HEART SHAPE!

Now that we got that all figured out, let’s find some sunnys!

1 – Round / 2 – Round / 3 – Round

1 – Square / 2 – Square / 3 – Square

1 – Oval / 2 – Oval / 3 – Oval

1 – Heart / 2 – Heart / 3 – Heart

1 – Pear / 2 – Pear / 3 – Pear

And there ya have it folks, some cute as heck sunny’s meant for YOU!!

Of course, these are all just suggestions and you should ultimately wear whatever makes you feel like a dang rockstar!! There are a whollla lotta options for ya! 🙂

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