2020 Summer Accessories

Nearly all of summer’s plans are cancelled…  however, us still lookin’ and feeling’ good for ourselves and those last minute weekend plans are essential!! 

Here are some of my fav Amazon Finds for Summer 2020! 

A lot of these items are cost effective and cute as heck!! I am SO excited to share them 🙂 

Pro tip!!! Check out my latest article “How To Find The Best Sunglasses For Your Faceshape” to help guide your decision on the best pair of “Sunny’s” for you 🙂

From sandals to swimsuits to purses to beach needs to HOLY SHIZ there are a ton of packages now on my doorstep!!! 

Let’s DIVE. IN 😀 


What’s your fav thing you can’t live without this summer?! 

Please share!! I’d love to search for it and try!!

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