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A few weeks ago, I had the HONORRRR of visiting Destinee Rupp, the owner and licensed skincare esthetician of Hello Lovely in Des Moines! 

Destinee is an expert on alll of the things (products to use and habits to implement). She is so passionate about educating her clients on how to help their natural beauty SHINE THROUGH!! She does this through educating them on products and providing them with top-notch treatments ranging from holistic facial treatments, face and body waxing, eyebrow shaping, eyelash extensions and mineral makeup application. 

I had a very positive experience receiving a facial and lash lift and tint!! The facial I received actually helps you produce collagen for the next 30 DAYS!!! And my lashes are still tinted and curled up after 3 weeks – WAT!? Check out my facial here 

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Also check out some of my favorite beauty products here and how I use them on another post here.


● Treatments you suggest?

Facial infusion- this helps with so many things! Acne scars, uneven skin tone and sunspots. Plus I can customize it  even more specifically by adding mix-ins for specific skin issues. 

Apart from skincare treatments I think everyone should have their brows professionally shaped at least once in their lives. It makes a world of difference. 

How do you get rid of eye wrinkles? 

Once you get them, they’re hard to reverse but start using a professional grade under eye cream to prevent them from getting deeper. Also, try to avoid rubbing them excessively or sleeping on your face. 

● Tips for acne scars 

First, try to prevent by not picking. If you already have them, Catalyst AC-11 helps to remodel collagen and can smooth out some pitting. A series of facial infusions helps to speed up the healing process. 

● Tips for getting even skin tone

Wear sunscreen and use a Vitamin A serum. I recommend Correct from Osmosis Beauty

Hormonal breakouts – how do we keep under control?!

Take a look at your diet. Foods with longer shelf lives have the most food preservatives. An over abundance of food preservatives will have a hormone like effect on skin. So if it’s that time of the month you find yourself doin 90 in the snack aisle, slow down and head for the produce aisle instead 😂

● Birth control jacked up my skin – HELP! 

Some forms of birth control, especially those containing progesterone can stimulate candida (a form of yeast) and cause it to build up in the gut. This will sometimes manifest itself in the form of breakouts on the cheeks. Maybe try decreasing your sugar intake, drink lots of water and get a facial. If you’re not noticing any improvement, find a natural health doctor that can take a deeper look at what’s going on internally. 

Food to stay away from ?! Food to consume?!

Stay away from Sugars! Specifically refined sugar. It causes inflammation and can feed your body’s yeast production which can lead to breakouts on cheeks and nose. 

Consume: healthy fats (avocados, eggs, fish, tree nuts) AND Dark, leafy Greens

● I have always wanted a facial but I’m afraid my extremely sensitive skin will break out after. Is it okay to get a facial?

Yes! Facials can be very beneficial for sensitive skin. Be sure to find a skincare professional that customizes their treatments instead of going for a one size fits all approach. You may find that your skin could be “sensitized” rather than “sensitive.” Sometimes the products that you’re using at home may be making your skin more sensitive. So definitely talk to a skin pro. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the result! 

● Anything to stay away from in makeup for sensitive skin?

If you’re using highly pigmented colors, check to see what is giving them their pigment. Some colorants labeled D & C with a number following can cause irritation and allergic reactions. In skincare- especially cleansers, watch out for sodium laurel sulfate. This is usually what makes a cleanser really foamy. It strips the skin’s essential barrier and causes dryness and sensitivity. 

Most beneficial serums? Most beneficial varies from person to person but Vitamin A and Vitamin C serums are usually helpful for anyone. 

Favorite Vit. C Serum?

I’m a big fan of Osmosis Catalyst AC-11. It can actually help to remodel collagen. I haven’t found anything else like it. 

● How do I look young forever?!

Haha I like this one. Regular visits to me of course 💁🏼‍♀️ jk….but really, prevention is key! It’s so much easier to prevent aging rather than reverse it. Get started on an anti aging regimen and start using an under eye cream stat! The eye area is the thinnest skin on your face, making it more prone to aging. Everyone over the age of 18 should really use one. 

● What are the best products or treatments for sun spots!?

Sunspots aren’t always what they appear. Sometimes dark patches may be from hormonal changes in the skin. Have a professional look at them before spending lots of money on a serum because you’ll want to treat them a bit differently. 

● Are face wipes bad for the skin? If so, why?

Facial wipes don’t effectively clean skin. Instead, they smear dirt, oil and bacteria across the skin and could lead to a breakout! They can also be packed with harsh and drying ingredients like SD alcohol 40 or denatured alcohol as well as fragrances that could cause irritation; especially if left to sit on the skin.  

If you’re using wipes to remove your makeup, always follow up with a cleanser and rinse with water. 

● What is the percentage/ratio of what we eat vs what we put on our face c ontribute to breakouts?

It’s hard to put a number to that, but what you eat is so, so important to good skin. Remember the saying, “garbage in, garbage out”? I think that applies to lots of areas in life and skin is definitely one of them! 

● Can breakouts be contributed more to what we are eating? Is it the products we put on our face? I know every body and person is different but is there any suggestions with this?

 The quality of your skincare products is really important. Definitely don’t buy junk products, as that can compromise already healthy skin, but you also don’t have to use a $300 regimen either.  What you eat/drink plays a pretty big role in breakouts. Especially if you’re using professional skincare and still struggling with a skin issue. The skin is a huge indicator of what is going on inside of your body. Certain areas on the skin will usually correlate to a specific organ. I use a face mapping technique to dig a little deeper to see if my clients have internal issues they can address that might improve the state of their skin. 

 ● Why should we (females) be aware/care about what products that we put on our face and skin in general?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you care about your appearance and take pride in how you look. That being said, beauty companies also recognize our desire to look our best. Some companies out there will make claims they know aren’t true because they want you to BUY their product. Some even use ingredients that aren’t healthy or are harmful to skin. It’s important to educate yourself or visit a professional in the beauty industry to help you navigate your options so you can get the results you want!

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Destinee with Hello Lovely on the Gram or on her website here 🙂

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