Work From Home Beauty Product Favs


Working from home for about.. 5 MONTHS ALREADY – WHOA! 

I’ve switched up my routine (skin, hair, clothes – all the things). Because why wear a full face and dress up when you don’t have to?

  • Less makeup and more focus on how my natural skin can shine! 
  • Less hair washing/heat and more fun headbands/scrunchies to give me healthier hair! 
  • Natural makeup if anything!

So if you’ll be in class or still in the office this fall, put your best foot forward on your Zoom calls by taking a gander at some of my BEAUTY FAVS 🙂 

Embrace your natural skin and help it develop into the best it can be! There is no need to pile on makeup everyday, I’ve let my skin breatheeeeee the last 5 months and have taken the best care of it I ever have in my life.

Find the link by clicking the product title being described 🙂

– Face Masks Once a week I apply one of these masks (when you’re working from home, 15 minutes with this on is easy peasy. And you feel boujee doing it.)

Serums – I’ve began to use Vitamin C serum! Check out my interview with the Skin Care Master @hellolovely about skin care. Vitamin C serum is one of the BEST serums you can use on your skin.

Eye Cream I just received this eye cream in the mail! Destinee from Hello Lovely said in her interview that we should begin using eye cream after the age of 18 – OY! So no time like the present!

Moisturize..and make it have some SPF (link is the bold red 🙂 ) I love me a good tan, however, I know when I am older I’ll want to make sure I don’t have crazy wrinkly skin too. I’ve been using this tinted moisturizer to give me some color AND to protect me from those rays (did you know your computer screen can give off harmful rays?!) I really like this moisturizer!!

Less heat on my hair and more embracing the au naturaleee!!  Even though I’m on zoom calls a lot, I need to give it someeeee TLC. That is where dry shampoo, fun scrunchies, and leave in oil comes into play 🙂 

– Team dry shampoo (still linked via titles) !!! – I try not to wash my hair everyday, and while a zoom meeting isn’t in person… I can’t be a grease monster. I have LOVED this powder dry shampoo and feel like it gives great volume and a “refresh”. 

– Hair Oil You can use this to help revive dry ends, on your scalp and down as a hair mask, on your skin and on your nails – IT’S THE BEES KNEES. 

– Hair Accessories – Fun scrunchies and cute lil headbands have been my fav these past few months. The perfect way to add some effort without over doing it. 

No reason to wear a tonnnn of makeup when you don’t need to, right? Save money and save your skin by letting it breathe all ya can. I do like to put on a lil something something to just feel put together 🙂 These are my favs!!

Eyebrow Pencil – I like to dye my brows myself ( post on that to come!) However, sometimes they need a little extra “oomph”. I have been loving this pencil and it’s CHEAPPPP! WOOO HOO!

Tinted Chapstick – Again, when ya need a lil “somethin somethin”, this chapstick (I personally love Cherry Me) is moisturizing and adds some color to your face to make ya LOOK ALIVE!! An oldie but a goodie 🙂 

Mascara Another oldie but a goodie!! I used to always try a new “prestige” brand of Mascara during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty sale. However, working from home, I have no reason to buy pricey mascara when this tried and true does the trick WONDERFULLY! It provides length and volume, all I need for those zoom meetings 🙂 Since I got a lash lift form @hellolovely, I just do some light swipes of this mascara and i’m ~golden~. 

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