Amazon Finds – Fall 2020

This adorable AF jacket comes in 12 colors
This sweater screams HI I AM COZY!!!
Balloon Sleeves *angel emoji*
adorable "tore up" (don't say that everyday)
everyone needs a teddy jacket - THERE ARE LIKE A ZILLION COLORS TOO!
fuzzy cuddly beautiful colors
this isn't a want, IT'S A GADDAM NEED
stripes haven't looked this cute in a MINUTE - gimme
I want this sweater... and that latte
eek - adorable !!!
another latte / sweater combo STRIKE AGAIN

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I like Olivia Pope's drive, Phoebe's spirit, and Old Dominion Lyrics. Pinterest Junkie, my Marketing major helps me view situations in an optimistic and positive light (blessing & curse) I'm just here embracing the uncertainty and trusting God's plan. I know everything happens for a reason and until then I will always search for that silver lining. So, Mae we all... become inspired a little more each day to choose happiness (and the largest cup of coffee available ;) )

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