@NaturoilyAbby here Spillin’ the TEA on Oils

Have you ever heard of essential oils?! Have you ever heard some info…. but not enough that made you actually feel educated and go “AHHHHH this is why I should utilize Essential Oils!!”

I’ve been using oils for almost two years now and they’ve made such a positive difference in my life (!!!) I sleep with Thieves and Lavender in my diffuser AND utilize a roller ball to help with stress (The Roller Ball that Abby actually made!) Oh, wait, who’s Abby?!

This week’s Fab Collab is featuring Miss Abby Rottler from @naturoilyAbby !!!

She is here to share –
– What the heck are Essential Oils
– How she has used them for Stress / Health
– Why are they better than other products.. ?!
– One product she swears you need


Let's Dive In!

what ARE Essential Oils?! 

Essential oils are the LIFE blood of the plants. From the flowers, rinds, resin, stems, roots (usually extracted through steam distillation). Essential Oils are the HEALING properties of the plants. It’s what gives THEM life!!! 

What made you begin using Essential Oils?! 

To begin with… I have always had interest in a more natural lifestyle. BUT there was a point in my life (a little over a year ago) where I was on 3 different prescriptions and about to be put on another. 

That is when I started to do a little research and found out there was an uptick in auto immune issues with our generation due to all of the chemicals that are in our daily products. 

Then I started to really dive into the thought of a more natural lifestyle and began to look into a couple different oil brands. Young Living was the best fit, I got a starter kit, and haven’t looked back since! 

How have you used Oils for stress / health? 

My favorite thing to use my oils for, other than fun DIY’s, is for emotional support. I personally struggle with anxiety and depression. I have been able to use my oils as a tool to help! Let me get a little scientific for a second.

The limbic system is a small part of the brain that deals with memories, emotions and stimulations. Essential oils largely affect the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which once stimulated release hormones into the body.

So if we inhale essential oils with a stimulating properties it will produce a response in the appropriate part of the limbic system. For example lavender essential oil can have a positive effect on your sleep, by relaxing your muscles and allowing you to fall asleep easier, this is a decision made by your body in the limbic system once youve inhaled lavender essential oil vapors.

Through that, I have been able to use oils, my favorite emotional support oil being frankincense, to help create a positive response in my brain. So when I need a dose of grounding, I grab my oils!

Whether, you have mental illness issues or not, this same process works with everyday stress, sleep needs, or even a toddler tantrum (Rachel note – lookin @ you mama’s!) 

Why are they better than TJ Maxx oils or other products..? 

Where you buy your oils from is very important. The FDA only requires a bottle of essential oils to have 5% of the actual essential oil compound. Therefore, a lot of oils that you can find at Target & Tj Maxx are pumped full of synthetics, fillers, and hormone disruption ingredients. (Rachel note – WHOA!!!!!! ) 

The reason I chose Young Living was because they have a Seed to Seal guarantee! Young Living controls the process from the time the seed is planted in the fields to the distillation process to bottling. They fill their bottles with 100% essential oil, with no synthetics or fillers in their products. It is a high quality, pure and potent product. They also are an open disclosure company, where you can ask any questions and visit their farms to see the entire process.

What is ONE oil/product that you think someone should start with to get their feet wet… what would it be and why?  (Rachel Note –  starter kit is amazing and best bang for your buck) 

  • The Thieves Cleaning Line
  • Young Living Lavender

The Thieves Cleaning line is one of my favorite things! It is all natural, safe cleaning products that work!! It smells like Christmas, deep cleans my kitchen, yet it is safe enough to drink -but please don’t-

Young Living lavender!  When you smell it and compare it to a different lavender, You will smell a BIG difference!!

If you are interested, I would love to send you a FREE SAMPLE KIT!! Message me on Insta

Also- I am offering an extra special sign up gift for MaeWeAll Newsletter readers who want to get hooked up with a starter kit in the month of October!


Hit Abby up on the ‘gram to learn more about oils!! 

She is truly one of the most honest and caring friends you could have, you want her on your feed <3 🙂 

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