Gift Guide for The GAL PALS in your life

PSSSST –  peep these BOMB gift guides for The Simple Man AND Timeless Cozy and Warm gifts EVERYONE needs! 


Jewelry Organizer - necklaces tangled NO MORE!
Travel Laptop Backpack WITH USB Port - Cute as heck and in ALL the colors?!
Packing Organizers - I've never met someone who didn't love knowing where there stuff was!

Top o' the mornin to ya

Never met a robe I didn't LOVE!
How COMFY COZY are these?! Makes getting out of bed not too shabby!
16 oz cute travel mug w handle - say no mas.

Self care suga!

Makeup Eraser - Remove makeup for a full clean and ideal for all skin types! They'll love it1
These makeup brushes are FAB and who doesn't need a fresh set?!
$10 for this gel nail polish kit?! HELL YES


This sherpa jacket is a NEED.
Can't go wrong with a CUTE as heck hat!
EVERYONE needs touchscreen gloves - they just do.


I love these earbuds!! Wireless, long charge and don't break the bank!!
How many times does your phone die and you're like... I wish I had a charger. WELL gift this to yourself (or someone else) AND NOW YA DO!
So incredibly fun cute and wonderful - ALL the scrunchie watch band colors here!!

kitchen queen

A FROTHER - they'll use more than you know
Funny Kitchen Towels - NEED I SAY MORE?!
Casserole Carrier - not many of us have these, but we all need one for Friendsgiving!

i... i.. i work out (or lounge)

Headbands that stay in place?! YES!
Under $30, INCREDIBLE quality, awesome colors. They rock.
This top is a Lulu Lemon Dupe and it ROCKS!

Lookin' good girl

Backpack purses are BACK and a safe gift!!! Practical too 😀
Initial necklace - thoughtful, under $10 and adorably dainty!
Pearl Headbands - cute and unique!

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