Gift Guide For VDAY

Couple time πŸ™‚

I think this would be fun - little questions every day (or do like 10 at once, probalby what I would do haha!)
Games for TWO! This has great ratings!! I can't wait to play

Top o' the mornin to ya

JAKE LOVES THIS ROBE - it's amazing
Moccasins - we all need some cozy shoes
kinda funny kinda true πŸ˜›


A fresh shaver, cuz ya know
Nose Hair Trimmer - put a note like " You NOSE I love you!"
...body care.


At home Massage - say no more!
Freakin incredible reviews - eye and temple massager (plus heat and music and all the things!!) I might need this
If they're on their feet all day - this would be bomb diggity

Comfy cozy loungey

The ultimate comfy sweatpants - YUP
Mens Joggers - Jake loves these LOTS
Okay acutally the coziest and comfiest sweatshirt!! REALLY!!! I've ordered 4.

Feelin' Fly

Wallet - we all need it
A nice ass belt - so many colors too !
This coat looks so great in person - so many options too. Jake likes it πŸ™‚


The more candy you get, the more you love them. 1 lb of reeses
By Party Size they mean Party for two
The most creative gift of my life - kisses bc kisses, vday, xoxo, get it?

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