About Me

Rachel Eslick

Rachel is high vibe motivational speaker and goal COACH. She connects with others to help them uncover what lights them UP, identify their strengths, and to craft their roadmap to achieving their goals.

She’s your personal hype woman who helps turn your dreams into ACHIEVED plans.


Rachel is a certified development coach with a degree in leadership + business communications. Rachel is a certified DiSC and Dale Carnegie facilitator. 


What you'll get from working with Rachel?

Passion to supporting YOU, Energy, Momentum to reach your goals.

Rachel helps clients live the life that is on their hearts.

Industry expert

With her number 1 strength being "individualization " it is second nature for her to get to know YOU on a deeper level.

She knows it can be hard to take control of where you want to go. She is here to be your partner in crime. 

You WILL achieve your goals, she won’t let your kicka$$ self fail…

…. you’ll feel so motivated YOU won’t want to let yourself stop either 💪 

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